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Dog Daycare

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Doggy Daycare Near You

Doggy daycare staff member playing with happy customers!

Doggy Daycare Near You

Serving Dog Owners In The Greater Boston Area

Do you need quality daycare for your dog?  Welcome to the best dog daycare facility near Boston!

Our team consistently earns high ratings and praise in dog daycare reviews.  We are honored to be the pet daycare facility of choice for generations of owners and their pets since 1926.

Quality Daycare for Your Dog Equals Peace of Mind for You

We specialize in daycare for dogs and puppies of all types, personalities and temperaments.  From Bernese Mountain Dogs to Bichon Frises, our comprehensive pet care services ensure every dog a safe and fun stay.

You gain peace of mind and confidence that your pet is cared for by professionals in a dog-friendly setting.

Your pets gain the opportunity to experience a safe, fun, nurturing environment when you can’t be them.

Beyond daily daycare for your dog and puppy daycare, we also offer convenient overnight dog boarding.

Dog Daycare Boston

Please put me down so I can PLAY!

Six Benefits of Dog Daycare and Puppy Daycare at Toureen Pet Resort & Day Spa

Quality dog daycare near Boston is centrally located here in Watertown, Massachusetts. Our clients come from towns throughout Middlesex and Suffolk counties such as Cambridge, Newton, Belmont, Wellesley Watertown, Waltham, Boston, Weston, Arlington, Somerville, Brighton, Brookline, Needham & more.

Our clients consider Toureen the best dog daycare in the Boston

Our Dog Daycare Environment is Fun and Welcoming. Our facility is climate controlled, which is especially important due to the seasonal temperature extremes of our New England Climate.

We promote healthy exercise and positive play experiences for all of our guests

  • Adult dogs are placed and monitored in groups of 15-20, based on size, age, and disposition
  • Puppies are placed and monitored in groups of less than 6, to support their unique social needs
  • Anxious or aggressive dogs that prefer a nongroup setting enjoy individual supervised playtimes
Indoor Doggy Daycare

I’ll letcha win if you give me a cookie!

Our Daycare for Dogs features BOTH Outdoor and Indoor Areas

Our outdoor pet daycare play spaces for dogs are unique in the Boston area.  In fact, several clients drive past other facilities that offer daycare for pets to take advantage of our meticulously-maintained outdoor areas.

This is because most local doggy daycare providers do not maintain outdoor areas for dogs to play.

Also, many well-meaning providers of residential doggie daycare or institutional day care for dogs typically use wood chips, gravel, dirt, or natural grass in their outdoor play areas.

But all of these materials can pose health and safety challenges for dogs and puppies, because:

  • Wood chips, gravel, dirt and natural grass cannot be adequately disinfected
  • Dogs eat wood chips or gravel, which can cause intestinal blockage that requires surgery
Outdoor Dog Daycare


Features & Benefits of our OUTDOOR Play Spaces for Dogs and Puppies

  • Pet-friendly K9 grass, a specialty artificial turf, allows for regular disinfection and prevents muddy paws for cleanliness and safety
  • Wide open area with tall fencing enables dogs to safely run and explore without distractions
  • Sturdy pet-friendly non-porous play structures are cleaner and more comfortable than wood

Features & Benefits of our INDOOR Play Spaces for Dogs and Puppies

  • Sturdy, non-porous interior pet-friendly furniture supports safe play & routine disinfection
  • Non-porous epoxy floors are regularly disinfected for everyone’s health
  • Indoor play programs separate dogs by size for proper socialization and safety

All inside and outside areas are spray-disinfected with a veterinarian-formulated cleaner that is EPA-registered to inhibit a broad spectrum of virus-causing pathogens including SARS and COVID-19.

Our comfortable daycare bedding is also washed & disinfected daily, for safety and comfort.

Puppy Daycare

PLAY? Did you say PLAY?

Our Daycare for Puppies Supports their Unique Needs

Our daycare attendants understand how to support and nurture puppies (dogs up to 6 months old).

Unlike mature dogs, very young dogs’ developing brains are quickly imprinted with social cues. That’s why we purposely separate them from older dogs. We also take care to maintain playgroups of six or fewer puppies, to promote healthy socialization and interaction with their young peers.

Our puppy daycare facility also supports clients who are crate-training their new puppies at home. Owners can bring in their home crate, and we will put it in a large pen with the door open, so their puppy can go in and out of the crate to support critical continuity with their home environment.

Dog Day Care

If I can’t be home, I’d rather be here.

Our Attentive Pet Daycare Staff is Passionate about Pets

Our experienced doggy daycare professionals eagerly attend to your dog’s unique needs.

We maintain several long-term dog daycare employees and enjoy very low staff-turnover. Everyone at Toureen takes their responsibility to pets and their owners very seriously.  New employees receive comprehensive training, and there is always access to a general manager or owner for any questions or issues that arise.

Swift medical attention is always available next door at the Massachusetts Animal Medical Center. Our affiliation with Blue Pearl emergency vet service also gives pet owners great peace of mind.

Our Doggy Daycare is Easily Accessible and Located Near You

We are readily accessible from I-90, Rte. 16 and Rte. 20, with plenty of free parking.

Dog Daycare Frequently Asked Questions about Toureen Pet Resort & Day Spa

Do you offer individual playtimes for dogs who cannot be in a group?

Yes.  If the group is too stressful for your pet, or if you feel your pet’s temperament is too aggressive or anxious, we offer individual play times.  This allows them to exercise, play and relax as we monitor and maintain their health, happiness and safety.

Do you offer formal dog training or behavior correction?

No, we do not offer formal dog training or behavior correction. Our primary focus and mission is to support the overall wellbeing of every dog and puppy we serve.  We want you and your pet to thoroughly enjoy visiting us, and to benefit from a happy, welcoming experience with every visit or extended stay.

Do you administer medications to pets?

Yes, we can administer most medications to pets. Common examples include antibiotics and medications for arthritis and other common conditions.   In general, the only medications we don’t administer are ones that require injection, such as diabetes medicine.  Fortunately, we are located adjacent to a medical center, so pet owners can arrange for medications accordingly.

Do you charge for a trial visit of my dog to your facility?

No, there is no charge to come and tour our facility, with or without your dog!  We will gladly provide you with a complimentary tour of our welcoming, spacious, clean and safe facility.

Can I pick up or drop off my dog anytime?

Yes, we are flexible, and have no rigid rules about drop off and pickup timing.  Our full-day doggy daycare is anything more than 4 hours between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.  Our half-day doggy daycare is any block of time, up to 4 hours.

Do you offer dog daycare discount price packages?

Yes! We offer these three available discount packages for the purchase of daycare in blocks:

Buy 10 days, get 10% off; Buy 20 days, get 15% off; Buy 40 days, get 20% off.

Daycare Policies

  • All dogs coming for daycare must have a collar and a name tag. Owners may purchase a collar from our store at 50% off the retail price.
  • Non neutered males will not be admitted to group play after 7 months of age.
  • All dogs must be up to date on rabies, distemper, and bordetella vaccinations.

Our Dog Daycare Rates are Competitive

We offer competitive daily rates, as well as discount packages for blocks of time purchased.

Holiday schedules may affect hours.  Please call for holiday schedules and hours.

Daycare Rates

Full Day: 7am – 6pm $48.00/pet
Half Day $38.00/pet

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