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Dog Boarding

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The Best Boston Dog Boarding

Since 1926

Dog Boarding

Our suite dog boarding area

Need to board your dog? You’ve found the best dog boarding in Boston here in Watertown, Massachusetts!

Families have entrusted their dog daycare and overnight dog boarding needs to us since our original dog kennel service opened in 1926.

Since then, we’ve grown to be the modern facility for dog overnight boarding that our clients deeply value.

Generations of clients view our staff as family members, and our facility as a second home for their pets.

When you need boarding services beyond daycare such as dog boarding or puppy boarding you can entrust your pet’s health, happiness and safety to our team at family-owned Toureen Pet Resort.

Dog Boarding Boston

Playtime in our indoor play area.

Top 7 Reasons to Board Your Dog at Toureen Pet Resort and Day Spa

Quality boarding for pets represents peace of mind that your furry family member is safe, happy and loved.

When you seek reputable dog boarding near Boston, it’s wise to research local dog boarding facilities.

Here’s why clients say the best dog boarding in the Boston area is at Toureen Pet Resort and Day Spa

Our Animal Boarding Areas are Spacious & Welcoming

When you board your dog or puppy with us, you gain peace of mind that he or she will enjoy a fun, relaxed, and safe experience. We serve as a dog hotel and daycare service that’s truly one of a kind.

Our spacious, specially-designed animal boarding areas are welcoming spaces where you can board a dog or puppy with confidence.

Our Dog Boarding Facilities are Clean & Comfortable

Our well-ventilated boarding pens and suites are specially-constructed with sturdy pet-proof materials and easy to clean epoxy floors. Each area is heated and cooled individually for your pet’s personal comfort.  All surfaces and bedding materials are washed and disinfected daily.

Our Experienced Pet Attendants are Attentive & Professional

Our experienced and passionate pet attendants are professionals who take great pride and joy in attending to your dog’s unique needs. Our seasoned team has a very low turnover rate because they enjoy what they do, which allows them to form great relationships with our furry guests.

Should any medical issues occur, swift medical attention is available right next door to us at the Massachusetts Animal Medical Center. We are also affiliated with Blue Pearl emergency vet service.

We Maintain Unique Outdoor and Indoor Play Areas

A major reason why our customers choose Toureen is our modern, safe, clean area for outside play.

Our Dog Daycare service page details the features and advantages of our indoor & outdoor spaces.

We Provide Positive Overnight Dog Boarding Experiences

A major concern of families seeking dog overnight care is whether their pet will have a positive experience.  We alleviate the stress of boarding your dog or puppy when you need to travel.

When you board a dog at Toureen, you can rest assured that he or she will enjoy a positive experience with us while you’re away. In addition to complimentary indoor and outdoor play, we provide several ways to pamper and entertain your pet.  Examples include grooming services in our on-site spa; dog walks; and personal playtimes in supervised playgroups with pets of similar size and temperament.

Regardless of the activities and special services you choose, your dog or puppy will enjoy daily exercise and sleep in a clean and spacious, well-ventilated area.

Our Affordable Dog Boarding Prices Represent Excellent Value

We offer competitive daily boarding rates, as well as best-price packages for multiple-day stays.

Our Boarding for Pets is Conveniently Located, with Free Parking

Our pet resort is easily accessible from I-90, Rte. 16 and Rte. 20, with plenty of free parking. Our clients come from Watertown, Lexington, Allston, Waltham, Wellesley, Newton, Cambridge, Boston, Weston, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville, Brighton, Brookline, Needham and others in Suffolk and Middlesex Counties.

Dog Boarding Near You

Conveniently accessible from I-90, Rte. 16 and Rte. 20, we are near you throughout your day for easy access.

Dog Kenneling versus Dog Overnight Boarding

No two dog boarding facilities are alike. For example, dog kennel facilities versus dog boarding facilities.

Typical dog kennels and boarding kennel facilities can provide your dog with safe shelter and meals for a short stay.

But even the best dog kennels are not set up to care for dogs beyond meeting their basic physical needs.

The best overnight dog boarding facilities are designed and staffed to support your dog’s physical, social and emotional needs throughout short-term and long-term boarding stays.

Our comprehensive approach is to provide clients seeking boarding kennels for dogs with additional options that support the overall wellbeing of their dog.

Once dog owners discover the advantages of dog overnight boarding versus dog kenneling, they realize that a basic pet kennel or puppy kennel may not adequately meet their dog’s needs.

Dog Boarding Frequently Asked Questions about Toureen Pet Resort & Day Spa

Do you offer dog boarding discount package pricing?

Yes! We are happy to offer these two levels of discounted boarding packages:
Buy 10 days, get 10% off; Buy 20 days, get 15% off

Can I bring a bed for my dog?

We supply clean, comfortable bedding for dogs and puppies who are with us for dog daycare or boarding.  However, if your pet is boarding in our suites, you may bring your own bedding. We invite and encourage you to look at the quality of what we offer, to gain reassurance about your dog or puppy’s comfort.

Should I bring food, or will you feed my dog?

At mealtimes, we serve the premium pet food brand, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach. However, you are welcome and encouraged to provide your own food, to maintain the continuity of your pet’s diet. Our goal is to maintain your dog’s wellbeing.  If he or she is accustomed to eating a certain type of food at home, we are happy to feed it to them here.  All of our guests enjoy steady access to fresh drinking water.

Boarding Policies

We would like to take a moment to remind you of our current boarding policies and inform you about some new ones.

Holiday Deposits:

  • All Thanksgiving and Christmas reservations require a $150 deposit.

All Boarders:

  • There is a $10 surcharge added to the regular boarding rate for Holiday and Peak period reservations.


  • If you are bringing food from home please bag your pet’s food individually by meal, and do not label them by day or date.
  • Or, measure out enough food for your pet’s stay and bring it in an appropriately sized container, with not more than 2 extra day’s worth of meals. We will not be able to accept over sized dog food bags or containers.
  • There will be a $3 per day charge for adding owner provided items to the dry food other than canned pet food. (IE. yogurt, pumpkin, raw diet, fruit, vegetables, chicken, broth etc.)
  • We will have stuffed Kong Toys available for a $5 fee and we will no longer refill individual pet’s Kong toys from home.
  • There is a $3 fee for raw diets.


  • We provide bedding so we will not accept individual beds and blankets from customers (except those boarding in the Suites.)


  • You may bring 2 toys from home.


  • All vaccination requirements must be completed before arrival. We are unable to make appointments for pets to be updated at MAMC during their stay.
  • No reservation will be confirmed until we have the updated vaccination information showing that the pet will be current through the end of their stay.


  • Please provide the original prescription container(s) for all medication(s).
  • Do not put medication(s) in your pet’s food.
  • Please notify us about any changes in prescriptions or medical conditions before drop off, as the changes might prevent us from boarding your pet.

Holiday schedules may affect hours.  Please call for holiday schedules and hours.

Dog Boarding Rates

STAY AND PLAY (Group and Individual)
Overnight boarding plus group play $85.00/pet*
Overnight boarding plus individual playtimes $85.00/pet*
All Dogs $110.00/pet*
20 min. Play Times $15.00/pet
Buy 10 days, receive: 10% Off
Buy 20 days, receive: 15% Off
*During the following holidays and peak periods a $10 surcharge will be applied to the standard boarding rate:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: 1/13/ – 1/16
  • Winter Break: 2/15 – 2/26
  • Easter: 3/29 – 4/1
  • Spring School Vacation: 4/11 – 4/23
  • Memorial Day: 5/24 – 5/27
  • Summer Vacation & Labor Day: 6/11 – 9/10
  • Columbus Day: 10/11 – 10/14
  • Thanksgiving: 11/26 – 12/3
  • Christmas & New Years: 12/15 – 1/8
First medication +$5/pet
Each additional medication +$3/pet
Each eye and ear medication +$5/pet
Food Additive +$3/pet
Raw Diets +$3/pet
Stuffed Kong Toys +$5/pet

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