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Pet Boarding

Dog Boarding & Cat Boarding

Boasting some of the highest-rated dog boarding reviews for the Boston area, Toureen Pet Resort & Spa is proud to be the pet boarding facility of choice for many pet owners in the Boston area.

Located minutes off of I-95, I-90 and Route 20, Toureen is easily accessible from Watertown, Waltham, Newton, Cambridge, Boston, Weston, Belmont, Arlington, Somerville, Brighton, Brookline and Needham.

It’s no fun leaving your pet behind when you travel. But it can’t always be helped. These are the times to treat your dog or cat to a stay at Toureen Pet Resort and Spa, where loving pet owners have been boarding their furry family members for decades.

Keep your pet pampered and entertained.

At Toureen, you can rest assured that your pet will have a positive overnight experience while you’re away. We give you a lot of ways to pamper and entertain your pet–at the spa, outdoors, or by engaging with your pooch during personal playtimes and in supervised playgroups with pets of similar size and temperament.

No matter the activities and special services you choose, every pet gets daily exercise and sleeps in a clean and spacious, well-ventilated area. Each is heated and cooled individually for your pet’s personal comfort.

Clean and comfortable, pet-proof rooms put health and safety first.

At Toureen, your pet’s health and safety come first. Our pens and suites are constructed with sturdy, pet-proof materials and easy-to-clean epoxy floors. All surfaces and bedding are washed and disinfected daily. We feed your pet a premium science diet. Or, you can bring your own food, and we ensure that your pet has access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Dog & Cat Boarding Rates

STAY AND PLAY (Group, Individual and Riverwalk)
Overnight boarding plus group play $69.00
Overnight boarding plus individual playtimes $69.00
Overnight boarding plus a riverwalk $69.00
All Dogs $95.00
All Cats $30.00
20 min. Riverwalks $15.00/ea.
20 min. Play Times $15.00/ea.

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