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MON. - FRI. 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. | SAT. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | SUN.: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Toureen Pet Resort and Spa for Belmont Pet Owners:

Boarding. Daycare. Grooming.
Dog Boarding

Belmont pet owners reside in close proximity to Toureen Pet Resort and Spa located at 380 Pleasant Street in Watertown, MA making it simple and convenient to use their services for boarding, daycare, grooming or purchasing pet supplies. Toureen Pet Resort and Spa has been serving pets and their owners in Watertown and surrounding towns, including Belmont, for more than eighty years. Owned and operated by the Callanan family for three generations, they have a proven track record for quality services and professionalism and have earned the respect and loyalty of their clients. The focus of Toureen Pet Resort and Spa is compassionate and loving care for your pet in a safe and nurturing environment. Toureen's trained, experienced and caring staff members truly love and enjoy animals and treat client's pets as if they were their own. This means comfort, loving care, and security for your pets and convenience and peace of mind for you.

For your added peace of mind, Massachusetts Animal Medical Center, a full service animal hospital, is located in an adjacent building to handle any unexpected health issues or to conveniently schedule routine vet appointments in conjunction with boarding, daycare or grooming services at Toureen.

Dog and Cat Boarding Services for Belmont Pet Owners:

Belmont MA Dog Boarding and Daycaree

If you are planning a vacation or trip out of town and your pet cannot accompany you, rest assured that boarding your dog or cat at Toureen Pet Resort and Spa is a safe, convenient and affordable option. Your pet will be clean, safe, well fed and watered, exercised, played with, entertained, pampered and loved. They just might have a more enjoyable time than you do. Supervised group exercise and play time is scheduled daily, with one on one play time or individual walks along the river provided for a small additional fee. Pens and suites are large, sturdy, disinfected daily and individually heated and cooled keeping your pet healthy and comfortable at all times. Pets are fed a healthy, premium diet or you have the option of providing your pet with their routine or favorite food from home. Proof of current rabies, distemper and bordetella vaccinations is required for the health and safety of all pets.

Doggie (and Kitty) Daycare near Belmont:

Doggie Daycare is available by the hour or by the day. Day care hours are convenient, allowing Belmont pet owners to drop off their dog before work and pick them up at the end of the work day, or drop them off for a few hours of socializing, exercising and playing while errands are run or appointments are kept. Indoor and outdoor play spaces equipped with toys and furniture are available and used for supervised group play. Dogs are divided into play groups according to age, size and temperament. Play time is overseen by trained staff members to ensure safety. Whether you drop your dog off every day or once in a while, your dog will love Doggie Daycare and benefit from running off energy and socializing with other dogs in a safe and friendly atmosphere. Day boarding of cats is also available as needed.

Dog Daycare Belmont

Our Kitty Condos are very special. Every cat is hosted with its own bed and has access to water at all times. Toureen's Kitty Condos are located in a soundproof cat room with windows that are designed to give your cat an outdoor view. Each Condo is cleaned and disinfected daily and the bedding is also washed daily. The air in the Kitty Condos is fresh and filtered along with being climate controlled. Twice daily, your cat can play in our indoor gym.

Pet Grooming Services for Belmont Pet Owners:

Professionally trained dog and cat groomers are available by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Whether for routine grooming designed to prevent health issues or for exceptional, pampering, spa services your pet will be treated gently and lovingly using the best grooming products and tools available. There is nothing more satisfying than dropping off a beloved, bedraggled pet in need of grooming and returning a few hours later to find them with soft, sweet smelling fur, trimmed nails and a haircut. The transition can be amazing. Health treatments are also offered and include flea and tick baths and ear cleaning. The groomers at Toureen Pet Resort and Spa are happy to assist you in keeping your pet hygienically healthy and looking great.

Pet Supplies for Belmont Pet Owners:

Dog Boarding

A pet supply shop is operated by Toureen Pet Resort and Spa making it efficient and convenient to purchase supplies needed when bringing your pet for boarding, grooming or Doggie Daycare. The shop carries a line of brand name healthy pet food, toys, treats, collars, leashes, pet feeding dishes, grooming supplies and supplements. High quality, trusted brands include Kong, Science Diet, Hills Prescription and Royal Canin. A knowledgeable staff member will assist you with purchases and answer any questions you may have regarding appropriate products for your pet.

Toureen Pet Resort and Spa Staff:

The biggest strength of Toureen Pet Resort and Spa is its exceptional staff. Each and every staff member is an animal lover who knows the value of a pet to its owner and family. They know that pets have individual personalities, likes and dislikes and they take the time and patience to get to know and relate to each pet. They truly like and enjoy pets and treat each one gently and compassionately.

If you live in the Belmont area you can't go wrong with the pet care offered by Toureen Pet Resort and Spa. Stop in today to meet the staff and take a tour. You'll quickly see that you've made the right decision by entrusting your beloved pet to such a professional and caring staff in such a well equipped facility. Toureen offers pet care the way it should be.