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Cat Boarding & Daycare

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Cat BoardingThe Best Cat Boarding in the Boston Area

Boarding your cat and securing high quality cat daycare is easy and stress-free here at Toureen Pet Resort.

Known as the cat hotel of choice, our cat resort is purr-fect for our feline friends in greater Boston!

We provide a cat lodging experience like no other, because daycare for cats is a vital personalized service.

We’ve also earned the distinction of best cat boarding provider because we make every cat feel at home.

A Cat Hotel Preferred by Cats and their People

Clients consider us their best cat boarding option because we respect cats as cherished family members.

As such, cat “owners” are more aptly described as cat people, cat caretakers, caregivers, or cat parents!

We appreciate that our cat daycare clients entrust their family members to our care.  In return, we provide the best daycare for cats (and best cat boarding) that we can offer.

Features of Cat Boarding Facilities and Services at Toureen Pet Resort

Whether you need short-term cat daycare or extended cat lodging, we offer these features and amenities:

  • Experienced and caring staff members who safeguard your cat’s safety and wellbeing
  • Cat-only areas for individual play, exercise, and resting (felines are separate from canines)
  • Clean, comfortable bedding in all kitty condos
  • Connected kitty condos upon request, for families of multiple cats
  • Regular interaction with staff – the opportunity to come out of their condo for 20 minutes twice daily
  • Well-monitored litter boxes that are regularly cleaned and sanitized
  • On-site grooming services that support the unique needs of all cat breeds, hair lengths and skin types

Dog Boarding Near YouCat Kennels versus Cat Boarding

Unlike basic cat boarding kennels, the cat boarding condos in our cat hotel are clean, spacious and climate controlled to ensure your cat’s ultimate comfort.  Many of the condos in our cat resort feature clear back walls that abut windows for our guests’ window-gazing pleasure.

Cat Daycare and Cat Boarding Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide cat daycare or boarding for older cats?

In general, we do not provide daycare or cat lodging for elderly cats.  However, cat families with whom we have a pre-existing relationship of providing daycare are considered on an individual basis.  Our focus is always on your cat’s overall wellbeing, and we aim to be flexible in support of client needs.

Do I need to bring food for my cat while she or he stays with you?

No, you do not need to bring your own food, but you certainly can if you wish.  The brand of food we serve is Science Diet – Sensitive Stomach.  If your cat would prefer the meals or treats you provide (due to allergies or food sensitivities), we simply ask that you bring it in zip-top bags.  Pre-measuring is preferred but optional.

How often can my cat come out to play?

Cats are invited to come out of their kitty condos twice a day for at least 20 minutes each time.  We maintain safe and sanitary spaces for cats to freely explore and interact with our staff.  Our caring team works diligently to ensure that each guest enjoys a fun and healthy stay with us.

Do you offer cat daycare or cat boarding multiple day discounts?

Yes.  Cat daycare clients enjoy package discounts including:  10% off 10 days, 15% off 20 days, and 20% off 40 days.  Cat Boarding clients enjoy 10% off 10 days, and 15% off 20 days.

What kind of kitty litter do you use at Toureen?

We purposely use recyclable newspaper as kitty litter. In our experience, this is much healthier than scoopable forms of kitty litter because the scoopable type can get moist and stick uncomfortably in a cat’s pads – which can require soaking to remove!  Scoopable forms can also raise unhealthy dust that cats can breathe, and can clog plumbing when a litter box is washed in the sink.

Cat Boarding Rates

All Cats $35.00/pet*
Buy 10 days, receive 10% off
Buy 20 days, receive 15% off
Buy 40 days, receive 20% off
Buy 10 days, receive 10% off
Buy 20 days, receive 15% off
Buy 10 days, receive: 10% Off
Buy 20 days, receive: 15% Off
Buy 40 days, receive: 20% Off
*During the following holidays and peak periods a $10 surcharge will be applied to the standard daycare rate:

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day: 1/13/ – 1/16
  • Winter Break: 2/15 – 2/26
  • Easter: 3/29 – 4/1
  • Spring School Vacation: 4/11 – 4/23
  • Memorial Day: 5/24 – 5/27
  • Summer Vacation & Labor Day: 6/11 – 9/10
  • Columbus Day: 10/11 – 10/14
  • Thanksgiving: 11/26 – 12/3
  • Christmas & New Years: 12/15 – 1/8
First medication +$5/pet
Each additional medication +$3/pet
Each eye and ear medication +$5/pet

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