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About Toureen Pet Resort and Spa

Life for pets was simpler back in 1926 when my grandparents, Joseph and Elizabeth Callanan, opened Toureen Kennels to board dogs when their owners went on vacation. But as generations of Toureen customers have changed the way they engage and care for their pets, we’ve changed to be there for them at every turn.

We make pets feel at home when you can’t be with them.

Over the years, as Toureen ownership has passed from my grandparents to my father and now me, we’ve added services and special conveniences to make pets feel at home when you can’t be with them. Like daycare, walks along the Charles River and full-service grooming with specialty shampoos and medicated bathing for pets that need it.

For your peace of mind, we even have access to the Massachusetts Animal Medical Center, a full service animal hospital, right on site. All of this is in addition to our trusted, historic boarding service where your pet’s health, safety and comfort have long been our first priority.

At Toureen Pet Resort and Spa, our love for pets never changes.

Much has changed since my grandparents opened our first kennel in Brighton. And our bright, contemporary facility in Watertown is custom-built for modern pets.

Yet one thing hasn’t changed. Like Joseph and Elizabeth Callanan, we love pets. All of us–no matter our role. We show it with the same passion that motivated my grandfather to leave a steady carpentry job and devote his life’s work to pets.

We’d love to earn your trust.

Our reward is the trust of loyal customers who’ve been putting their beloved pets in our caring, capable hands for generations. We’d like nothing more than to earn yours.