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COVID-19 Message

To protect our customers during Covid-19 we are offering curbside drop-off and pickup for daycare, boarding and grooming services. We ask that you wear a mask. Simply call when you arrive and we will meet you outside for pickup and drop off. Payments are done over the phone.

Photo of Toureen's pet daycare and boarding staff members.

The Toureen Pet Daycare and Boarding Staff Members

Toureen Pet Resort and Day Spa is the best and most trusted name in doggy daycare and pet boarding in the Greater Boston area.  Dog and cat owners in Watertown, Newton, Belmont, Wellesley and other towns throughout Middlesex and Suffolk counties rely on our experienced, devoted caregivers for peace of mind that their pets are safe and happy when they’re with us for daycare, grooming, and short-term or long-term boarding.

Family-owned for three generations, our custom-designed kennel, daycare and grooming facility has grown to serve hundreds of repeat clients because we’re as devoted to your pet’s wellbeing as you are.  Each of our professional team members has personal, firsthand experience with pets, and attends to your pet’s physical and social needs with skill, interest, and heartfelt compassion.

Our passion for pets is three-fold, combining our deep knowledge of the art and science of animal care; our vast experience with making pets feel at home; and our unwavering respect for the needs of each dog and cat we serve.  Much more than a traditional dog boarding kennel, we are a full service pet resort that comprehensively cares for your animal to ensure his or her safety, wellbeing, and comfort.

Professional customer service...clean well organized facility,,,your dog is returned happy and exercised...nice people all around
14:45 22 Oct 18
Needed both my long haired cats to be groomed as they had some matted fur. The staff at Toureen were friendly and answered all of my questions about the process. They went above and beyond my expectations! My cats were washed, groomed, and had their nails clipped as well. Thank you Toureen for helping my cats!
Meghan Fuery
Meghan Fuery
03:31 30 Aug 18
They are wonderful and really take good care of their guests, the pets...
Alex Haidar
Alex Haidar
17:27 23 Aug 18
It is like an upscale resort... for pets. They take good care of my dog and are always serviceable.
Carmina Cavazos
Carmina Cavazos
02:30 22 Jul 18
This place is a one-stop shop and their prices are reasonable and fair. They are also super accommodating for boarding times. I feel that they are super fair. Often I feel like I am being pushed into different vet plans but I never felt that way here. They are all super kind people too. Makes our time there very pleasant.
Andrea Patterson
Andrea Patterson
14:02 11 Jul 18

My dog is so happy coming to Toureen Pet Resort and Spa!

Andy A. | Boston, Ma.

Photo of doggy daycare customer with paws on front desk.

Our first doggy daycare customer of the day!

Our team takes great care to ensure quality puppy daycare experiences. We group puppies (dogs under six months old) together, since their developing brains are very different from those of adult dogs.  Very young dogs benefit from being with other puppies, because they interact differently than adult dogs.  Young puppy brains are quickly imprinted with social cues, so this intentional separation from adult dogs ensures that each puppy gains healthy social interaction with other like-minded puppies.

To ensure positive play experiences and adequate exercise for all of our guests, adult dogs are grouped in classes of 15 to 20, based on their size, age, and disposition.  For inside playtime, our non-porous flooring and furniture supports fun, safe and healthy exploration.  For outside playtime, our well-maintained and sanitary artificial turf protects your puppy or adult dog’s health and safety.

Overnight and Long Term Dog and Cat Boarding

We love boarding with Toureen!

When vacation or travel plans arise, many families entrust their dogs or cats to our modern pet boarding facility for boarding overnight, or for long-term boarding.  In fact, they often enjoy their initial experiences so much that they become regular clients, and take advantage of supervised daycare and grooming services as well.  The environment in our boarding facility is exceptional, from the bedding in each spacious, well-ventilated, climate-controlled resting pen, to the clear-backing in some of our comfortable cat condos that abut windows, to the nutritious food and frequently-refreshed water we serve.

Daycare and Boarding Costs for Dogs and Cats

Photo of cat boarding customer and employee.

Responsible pet owners know that doggy daycare services and dog or cat boarding are not a “cost”; rather, they are a wise investment in a beloved pet’s health, happiness, and security.  Our comprehensive care represents tremendous overall value at a fair and reasonable price – and most importantly, it provides pet owners with priceless confidence that their furry family members are safe, happy, and loved.

Pet Daycare Rates

  • Full Day 7am – 6pm: $38.00
  • Half Day: $28.00

Pet Boarding Rates

Stay and Play (Group, Individual and Riverwalk)

  • Overnight boarding plus group play: $69.00
  • Overnight boarding plus individual playtimes: $69.00
  • Overnight boarding plus a riverwalk: $69.00

Suite Boarding

  • All Dogs: $95.00

Cat Boarding

  • All Cats: $30.00

Optional Services

  • 20 min. Riverwalks: $15.00/ea.
  • 20 min. Play Times: $15.00/ea.

High Level of Care and Attentive Staff

From our boarding facility to our full-service pet spa, our professional and caring staff delights in attending to your loved one’s every need.  Here in Watertown, we are fortunate that our custom-designed facility is in the same building as the Massachusetts Animal Medical Center. This gives our clients great peace of mind should any unforeseen medical issues arise.  We also have a longstanding affiliation with Blue Pearl, an emergency veterinarian service in nearby Waltham, to whom we refer dogs and cats with more acute or extensive medical needs.

Grooming Services for Dogs and Cats

Our full-service spa and grooming services are popular with owners – and their pets – because we understand and support the unique needs of a wide variety of dog and cat breeds.  From larger-size dog breeds such as German Shepherds, Boxers, and Great Danes, to smaller-size breeds such as Scottish Terriers, Airedales, French Bulldogs, and Bichons Frises, our dog groomers offer breed-specific care and spa services. Our cat grooming options support the needs of long-hair breeds ranging from Persians to Ragdolls to Birmans, and short-hair breed types ranging from Abyssinian to Bombay to Siamese.

Dog Walking Services

An increasingly-popular alternative to traditional in-home dog walking services, Toureen Pet Resort and Spa provides your dog the opportunity to come stay and play with a group of dogs in safe, supervised indoor and outdoor environments. Our play spaces are specifically designed and meticulously maintained to enhance each animal’s physical and mental wellbeing.  Since our facility is well-situated along a major Boston river, we also offer a dog walking service along the Riverwalk as weather permits.

Centrally located in Watertown, Ma, Toureen Pet Resort & Spa serves Boston, Newton, Belmont and surrounding communities.

Hours of Operation

MON. – FRI. 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
SAT. 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
SUN.: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.




380 Pleasant St.
Watertown, MA 02472

Boarding and Daycare Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to visit and tour the facility?

You’re welcome to visit anytime we’re open (M-F from 8-6; Sat 8-5; Sun 10-5). However, in order to avoid waiting for us to finish serving our clients during busy drop-off and pick-up times, we recommend avoiding the first or last two hours of the day.  The mid-morning to mid-afternoon timing will also provide you with the best sense of what our supervised daycare and boarding areas are like when most of our guests are here.

Do I need to make a reservation, or call ahead, before bringing my dog or cat for daycare?

We only require a reservation for your pet’s first day with us, when we will orient and assess them to ensure the best possible experience for them – and you!  Otherwise, returning clients do not need to make a reservation.

Do I need to bring food for my dog or cat?

The food we serve is Science Diet – Sensitive Stomach brand, but you are welcome to provide any meals or treats that your dog or cat prefers, or requires due to allergies.  For any food you provide, we would appreciate it in labeled zip-top bags (pre-measured is preferable, but not required).

Can my dog play outside?

Yes! We maintain a large, safe, and sanitary outside space for dogs to explore and enjoy the freedom and fun of playing and socializing with new and old friends. Our caring, energetic supervisory staff thoughtfully separates groups of dogs by age, size and personality, and works to ensure that each guest enjoys a balanced, healthy day.